Getting Prepared for Mowing Grass in the Spring

With grass growing season coming up I thought that I would write a blog entry dealing with getting prepared for the “lawn mowing season.”It may seem a little early to prepare for such things but with the abnormally warm winter that we have been having the time to start mowing lawns is right around the corner.  By following some of my tips you should be well prepared for the coming warmer weather and you can hopefully avoid any trips to a small engine repair mechanic, which can be costly to say the least.

  1. It is always a good idea to have some kind of fuel stabilizer in all of your “gas using” machines such as weedeaters and lawnmowers.
  2. It is important that you keep an eye on things such as your gas filter and spark plugs in your gas using machines.  This can help keep your engine running smoothly and help you to avoid a trip to a small engine repairman.
  3. Make sure that you are maintaining proper tire pressure in your lawnmower before taking it out for us this coming year.
  4. Sharpening your blades on your lawnmower is something that is often overlooked when getting ready for the upcoming grass growing season.  By doing this you keep from putting undue strain on your drive system and belts in your lawnmower.  You must remember that failure to properly maintain things such as this can wreak havoc on a perfectly good lawnmower over time.
  5. Go ahead and getting your weedeater ready to cut grass.  Go ahead and get your twine in place so you don’t have to worry about it on the years first day of yard work.
  6. Go ahead and crank up your gas using machines in advance so that they have not been sitting for 5 months prior to your next use.
  7. Also go ahead and organize all of your yard tools (rakes, hoes, shovels, etc) so that you know where they all are when it comes time to use them.  Nothing can make you madder than having to hunt down tools when you are ready to go ahead and get to work on a Saturday afternoon this spring.



I think some of these tips will help you be prepared for the upcoming season which is coming up on us fast.  You may be thinking that it is still winter but spring is right around the corner and the warm weather isn’t going to wait for you to get ready!

With a little luck your yard can look like this!

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