Savvy Spending on Your Home

When you have just moved home, or are just ready for a change, you inevitably find you end up spending more money than you planned on refurbishing or finding new furniture for your home.
What you want to avoid more than anything is putting too much debt on your credit cards, or you’ll end up falling behind with the payments and being weighed down by interest payments.
So you have to pick and choose the items of furniture you want and the ones you actually need, until you are in a position to pay for more.
One way round this is to buy multi-purpose furniture. A great example is the sofa bed. If you have people coming to stay but don’t have a spare bed as yet, then you can always put them up in the living room. Sofa beds, like most things in life, have moved on in design and quality during the last few years. You can get a really good night’s sleep on them these days. Make sure you test them out in the showroom though, before making your choice. Some are a lot easier to convert from sofa to bed and vice versa.
You can also get some sofas with great storage in them, reducing the number of cabinets you need in the living room. Chaise sofas, in particular, usually have a storage section that is roomy and good for keeping plenty of items in.
And if you really hanker after some recliner chairs, but think they’re too expensive, you always have the option of spreading the cost through a flexible payment plan. Many furniture stores now offer interest free plans – with payments over 12 months or longer. An interest free sofa or armchair means that you can spend more than you might if paying for one outright, however, don’t forget you will need to meet each payment on time so don’t be too ambitious in your spending.

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