Hello Everyone!

This will be the official first post to our blog at DIYHomeBlogger!

This blog will be dedicated to all things DIY and Home Improvement related.  We are just two guys blogging from the office for fun and I am also hoping to have many guest bloggers who can contribute content as well.

We are going to try to include plenty of blogs that show you “how to” type projects and maybe we can get some conversations going and some of you readers can help us come up with some great ideas for blog topics.

We are always accepting ideas from those outside of DIYHomeBlogger and we are ALWAYS looking for guest bloggers!

The world of blogging is growing day by day and we feel that it is an incredible way to exchange information and educate people.

Feel free to email me at Kiah@idtllc.net if you have any ideas or suggestions for our blog!

About Kiah

I received my Geography and GIS (Geographic Information Science) degrees from Appalachian State University in the Mountains of North Carolina (Go Mountaineers!!) I own and run my own GIS Mapping and Consulting company called MAPS of Carolina LLC (Mapping and Planning Services of Carolina) I also work as the head of marketing and advertising as well as SEO and social media for an online E-Commerce company based out of Harnett County, North Carolina. The company, DIYGarageShelf.com, makes really great DIY garage storage shelving kits that are affordable and easy to install. Our kits can provide a home owner with tons of storage that they never knew that they had. I enjoy being outdoors and love to go hiking, fishing and camping. I am a travel nut and have been to Central and South America as well as all over the United States (excluding New England, parts of the midwest, and Alaska and Hawaii) I have a 7 year old female black Lab who is smarter than some humans I know. I love animals and love living in and having been raised in a rural area such as Harnett County, North Carolina. People definitely move at a slower pace around here and it is really a beautiful part of the country! Nothing like spending a day on the Cape Fear canoeing and fishing with a good buddy!
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