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Simple Home Improvement Projects

There are many ways to improve the interior and exterior of your home without having to do a full remodel. Builders can assist you will many projects, but a lot of them are simple enough to do yourself. You can … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Adding value to your home — Selecting garage doors

Guest blog brought to us by Dan Adding Value Using The Correct Garage Doors For homeowners looking to add value to their property then one idea worth considering is installing new garage doors. Modern garage doors have come a long … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Any homeowners worst nightmare… Rodents in the home

This article was submitted to us by guest blogger Emily Davies Anyone who has ever experienced rodents in their home knows how unpleasant such an encounter can be. There are a range of different species that are commonly found in … Continue reading

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How to read a tape measure

One of the most basic components to any DIY or home improvement project is the reading of a tape measure. ┬áTo those who have been doing it for a while it is nothing more than an afterthought. For those of … Continue reading

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