Simple Home Improvement Projects

There are many ways to improve the interior and exterior of your home without having to do a full remodel. Builders can assist you will many projects, but a lot of them are simple enough to do yourself. You can make your house more desirable without having to use a lot of money. Any home improvement project can make your home that much better looking than it was before.

Many small home improvements also work as an investment that increases the value of the home when homeowners decide to sell it. Older homes are great candidates for small home improvement projects, because they often times have outdated windows, unsafe flooring, and many other factors that are just too “antique” feeling.

Windows that are old and leaky can cause many problems for homeowners. Water damage and high heat bills can arise with having windows that are partially kept open due to cracks. Replacing them with energy-efficient or modern windows can help save money and keep homeowners safe as well. Many homeowners these days are getting impact resistant windows for security. They are laminated and will not shatter if they get broken. They reduce the risk for break-in damage and also resistance from storms. In many cases homeowners may get discounts on their home insurance if they have these types of windows installed.

Another great way to improve the interior of your home without having to remodel is painting your ceilings. You can give them the treatment that you often give your regular walls, a paint makeover. Bright colors or colors that accent your room’s décor can be a great addition to a room. It gives personality and also ambiance. Many people decide to put beaded plywood on their ceilings to give a new and modern look. There are endless options to decorate your ceiling, and it all depends on your personal preference.

House | CC Attribution Generic Commercial-mach3
You can also add a deck to your home; it can be very beneficial for many reasons. By adding a deck you increase the value of your home and also make your home look bigger. A deck is used for various things, such as BBQ’s and hot tub  HYPERLINK ““areas. If you have a deck already, then staining it a different color can also make your home look different and add a new vibe to it. A deck can make a great place to entertain guests or go to relax after a hard day at work. Decks are great for all seasons, especially during the hot weather.

Homeowners can spice up their house by simply adding a lawn. Many people just have gravel or dirt in their yards, if they add grass or shrubs they can change the appearance greatly. Flower beds and gazebos are also wonderful additions to a lawn. A well groomed lawn can also increase the value of the home if it is ever put up for sale. Hiring someone to come mow your lawn every week or keep up with weeding can make your home stay looking fresh and stylish.


Queensland Home Improvement builds high quality home extensions, patios and decks  in Brisbane,Gladstone, Rockhampton and Bundaberg in Australia.  QHI can be contacted at: 320 Adelaide St, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia PH 1800 654505

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Savvy Spending on Your Home

When you have just moved home, or are just ready for a change, you inevitably find you end up spending more money than you planned on refurbishing or finding new furniture for your home.
What you want to avoid more than anything is putting too much debt on your credit cards, or you’ll end up falling behind with the payments and being weighed down by interest payments.
So you have to pick and choose the items of furniture you want and the ones you actually need, until you are in a position to pay for more.
One way round this is to buy multi-purpose furniture. A great example is the sofa bed. If you have people coming to stay but don’t have a spare bed as yet, then you can always put them up in the living room. Sofa beds, like most things in life, have moved on in design and quality during the last few years. You can get a really good night’s sleep on them these days. Make sure you test them out in the showroom though, before making your choice. Some are a lot easier to convert from sofa to bed and vice versa.
You can also get some sofas with great storage in them, reducing the number of cabinets you need in the living room. Chaise sofas, in particular, usually have a storage section that is roomy and good for keeping plenty of items in.
And if you really hanker after some recliner chairs, but think they’re too expensive, you always have the option of spreading the cost through a flexible payment plan. Many furniture stores now offer interest free plans – with payments over 12 months or longer. An interest free sofa or armchair means that you can spend more than you might if paying for one outright, however, don’t forget you will need to meet each payment on time so don’t be too ambitious in your spending.

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Swimming pools and their effects on property values

Summer is by far one of the most popular seasons and in a rapidly changing economy, you can get two benefits from installing a pool on your property. Not only can you provide your family with fun all summer long, but should you decide to sell your home, your property value can be raised substantially by the addition of a swimming pool. It is important however that you consider what type of pool you are installing, proper maintenance and use of swimming pool chemicals, and what company you use to install your swimming pool. 

Pools are a great addition to  any home but it is important when you have one installed that it is done correctly, so that it is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Having a pool is one thing but having a pool that others might want as part of their new property is a completely different one. You should take the time to consider several different companies before you hire someone to install your swimming pool. The lowest price is not necessarily the best option, as these companies often cut corners to save time and maximise their profits. Considering several options is the best way to ensure that you are getting a quality product and quality service. 

You should also keep a close eye on the installation process. Though many companies offer the option to come and install pools while you are away from your home, it is important that you take an active part in the placement and installation process to make sure that the pool remains a benefit to your property values as opposed to a detriment. Watch for common mistakes like an uneven bottom, crooked sides, dented areas, and if you are having an in-ground pool installed, erosion of the area around the perimeter of the pool. If you are having a deck or patio installed as well, you should make sure that this is even and that it comes directly to the side of the pool ensuring a snug fit for both aesthetic and structural reasons. If a deck or patio is not properly installed, it is not only unsightly but can also be dangerous to users - not to mention inflicting a real blow on your property's value. 

You also need to make sure that after your pool is installed you maintain it properly. Keeping it algae- and leaf-free not only helps appearances, but can also help to extend the life of your filter and keep your liner in good shape. Pool chemicals are a must, but you should be careful about which swimming pool chemicals you use as some can fade or discolor liners, and may cause damage to decks or patios that are around your pool if they are spilled. Making sure that your pool is maintained is not only beneficial to property values, but also the health of your family. If you are using your pool, the best way to ensure that your family stays healthy while using it is if it stays clean. Keeping your pool clean may also require that you invest in winterizing materials, to keep algae growth to a minimum during the winter months when your pool is not in use.

Building a swimming pool on your property can increase the value of that property by a staggering amount - but only if the pool is maintained effectively. Installing a pool which you then allow to become disused or dirty will almost certainly have the opposite effect - potential buyers are likely to run a mile from a mould-encrusted pool installation. If you're thinking of selling your property, make sure that you take care of your swimming pool.
This is a guest post from Poolstore - providers of swimming pools, swimming pool chemicals and pool accessories in the UK. For more information on swimming pool maintenance or accessories, you can visit the <a href="">Poolstore</a> website.
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1 Big Reason to Invest in Garage Shelving for Your Home

Consider this for just one second:

If you own a 2,000 square-foot home, including a 400 square-foot garage, and the home is worth around $200,000, then 20% of the home’s value ($40,000) is going to be devoted to storing random junk that you otherwise have no room for.  Why wouldn’t you give yourself an organized garage that utilizes all of this valuable space?


DIY garage shelving products are a great way to maximize the storage potential of your home without breaking the bank!

Garage Shelving in Action!

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What to do with your shed?

What to do with your shed

So if you’ve just installed a nifty new shelving system in your garage and found yourself with a lot of extra storage space you might find yourself moving a lot of the tools and clutter that used to reside in your garden shed into your garage where it is a lot closer to your home and much more convenient.  If this is the case for you what will you do with your garden shed, just because it’s at the bottom of your garden doesn’t mean it should be ignored, in fact it’s location is something to be celebrated!

A garden shed is a way of enjoying all the benefits of outdoors whilst being indoors, a great way of getting the best out of your garden.

Now you don’t need your shed for storage any more here are three new things you can do with your shed thanks to garage shelving:

  • A Home office

We all do our best work where we are most inspired, and for most of us this isn’t cramped into the spare bedroom, where we are surrounded by all the distractions of family life.  Many of us would much better when outdoors surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature.  Well if you have a newly vacant garden shed why not turn it into a home office?  Adding a desk and chair and bringing your WiFi enabled laptop outside means you can easily work from your own garden.  Even if you don’t work from home many people with creative hobbies love making use of a shed as a base, your shed could be an art studio, a craft room, a music practice room.  The possibilities are endless.


  • A Play room

Many of us have quite large garden sheds; in fact companies like Tiger class many of their sheds as fully fledged log cabins.  If you’re lucky enough to have one of these that you’re not using any more why not use it to give your family a little extra space.  As your children get older you can find that they look for more independence.  What better way to help them achieve this, whilst still keeping them under your supervision than giving them a separate building on your property to be just there’s.   The additional benefit to you is that all the mess and clutter that can sometimes come with children’s games is all focused in one place letting you reclaim some of your house for your own projects.


  • A summer house

If you love having guests visiting to enjoy your garden in the summer, setting up a base for yourself in the garden can be a great way to maximize the use you get out of the garden.  Turning a shed into a summer house can allow people to stay in your garden but have a retreat to go to inside if it gets a bit colder or the weather turns.  Imagine having a BBQ outside but being able to easily eat inside, or having an outside games room set up to entertain your guests in the summer.


Garden sheds have traditionally already been the home of your gardening tools an needs, but if you have the space a lot of people can find themselves benefitting a lot more from converting sheds for other purposes.

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Get some garage shelving to help keep the rest of your home from getting cluttered

Things in people’s homes begin to pile up fairly quickly throughout the year.  It isn’t uncommon to see a garage floor full of boxes and other household items along with all of your yard maintenance devices.  This equation leaves your garage without one important thing… room to park your vehicles!

Does your garage look like this?

Average Garage

"Does your garage look like this?


A great way to take care of this kind of mess is to install some kind of DIY garage storage shelving kits.  DIY shelving kits are a great way to give your home additional storage space without having to build on to your house or build a storage shed on your property.  Garage shelving lets you utilize already existing space and make the most of what you are already paying for.


Using a garage shelving kit can help you turn that cluttered and disheveled garage into something like this:

Organized Garage

"Turn your garage into something like this!"


Make the most out of the space you pay for and get yourself some garage shelving today!  I promise you that you will thank me later and so will your car!

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How useful are impact windows?

The peace of mind of having your home protected from thieves or natural disasters has never been easier.  All American Windows & Doors impact windows has many benefits for homes and corporate buildings.  For starters they can protect your glass windows from shattering during a hurricane or storm.  The security windows can also prevent burglars from getting inside of your home by breaking your windows.  With every improvement you can make to your home the property value increases.  With top quality windows throughout your home makes your property appealing and worth more to buyers.

In Florida we have our fair share of storms, hurricanes, and tornado’s.  Homes without insurance are left in the wind with broken glass everywhere.  From experience All American Windows & Doors has seen how high wind velocity can totally destroy a home once the wind gets to the interior of the home.

The external noise will be reduced significantly.  Kiss those early Saturday morning ruckuses from the neighbor’s lawn mowers bye-bye.  You will be able sleep seamlessly without hearing a thing with impact windows.  Your home will be in peace even if a train passes by.  Having the ability to have a peaceful environment in your home is therapy for the family.

All of the above are great reasons to get quality glass impact windows and doors installed.  The benefits are too much to ignore and the price is reasonable.  We look forward hearing from you.  Follow us on Twitter/@impactwindow and we’ll follow you.

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Kitting out a rental

If you’re a property investor specialising in fully furnished places, or if you’re thinking about doing so – then here are a few tips to help you on the road to riches.

First off – get to grips with DIY projects. If you really aren’t any good at DIY, this may not be the business for you unless you’re really doing it on a large scale; the more you can do yourself, the more lucrative your operation will be.

But if you aren’t and you want to do this anyway, then buy modern places which will be less likely to have major problems and will simply need redecorating from time to time.

It will be essential to get to grips with the basics of decorating – and not to be too much of a perfectionist. No-one else will inspect the work as closely as you do when you’re painting and filling etc., so don’t sweat the detail too much. Prospective tenants take in the whole picture in a few minutes only – and will be more concerned about overall cleanliness than anything else. So keep all the furnishings and colour schemes light and neutral.

Furnishings are part of your legitimate business expenses. These days, sofas in the sofas sale can be incredibly cheap and hard-wearing if you choose carefully.
It’s the same with beds and a durable but cheap dining table along with smart curtains can really make a place look fantastic.

Remember not to use wallpaper that can’t be painted over. Emulsion talks minutes to “wash over” with a re-coat, whereas papering is a slow process. Plaster walls are best of all.

Overall, think about how quickly and easily you’ll be able to redecorate, replace, renovate or clean – try and keep it simple. Also, try and follow the same colour schemes with each new rental you add. This will make life a lot simpler.
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Tips for attaining home loans, even if you have poor credit

Tips to attain home loan with poor credit


You can easily apply for a bad credit home loan despite your poor credit report. But the interest on the home loan might not be as low as you get with good credit report.Therefore, it might be difficult to get a loan at affordable interest rate in this present market.

But here are the following ways to get loan despite your poor credit report if you have a stable income.


1. You are required to find out the interest rate on bad credit loan and compare it with the interest on the home loan for consumers with good credit. Make sure that you take out your annual credit report so that you can estimate your interest rate on your home loan. You can shop for home loans on affordable interest rate if you consider your credit score to be decent enough.


2. Try to reestablish your credit by putting extra money towards paying off your debts. If you keep your credit balance lower than 50% or less then you can easily improve your credit report. If you start paying off your debts then you can conveniently boost your credit report. Once your credit score increases then it will not be easy to get home loan on affordable interest rate.


3. You can shop around for affordable interest rate on your home loan. Make sure that you compare the interest rate on each loan offered by different lenders as it will help you select the loan that will be affordable to pay off. Remember that the interest rate on your home loan will depend on your debt to income ratio. If your debt to income ration is high then the interest rate on the home loan will be high as well.


4. You can take out an FHA loan if you are looking for low interest rate on your home loan. When you get loan through Federal Housing Administration then your eligibility will not be determined through your credit score. You are required to make down payment of 3% of the price of the house. Therefore, the interest rate on this loan will be affordable despite your poor credit report.


Therefore, these are the four ways you can get home loan on affordable interest rate despite your bad credit history.

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Popular Landscaping Trends for 2012

Popular Landscaping Trends for 2012
Landscape design in San Diego is the perfect example of properly and efficiently incorporated landscapes and living spaces.

A home’s interiors are crucial to our everyday comforts, but the exteriors still remain an important part of any living space.

Some aspects of a home’s landscaping are functional. For instance, San Diego outdoor kitchens provide a great opportunity for homeowners who enjoy hosting get-togethers.

Other landscape modifications are more decorative. More often than not, they are a mix of the two. Here are a few popular landscaping trends to look forward to in 2012.

Renovation vs. Remodeling
San Diego landscape contractors are available for the more complex, intensive tasks, but in many cases, you can perform landscaping upgrades all on your own.

Due to the down economy, many people have been a little tight on money. Instead of full, longwinded remodeling projects, homeowners are tending more towards renovating existing landscapes with simple additions. Two of the most popular requests are lighting and low maintenance installations, neither of which are especially difficult to put in or manage.

A great example of simple renovation is the fire pit. Fire pits are seeing a big resurgence, creating unique gathering spots to bring together friends and family during those chilly nights.

Edible Landscapes

Whether it’s planting some fruit trees or growing a vegetable garden, edible landscapes are becoming a growing trend in landscape design, and they are simple and easy to manage. Edible gardens have become even more important given society’s renewed focus on health and consuming local produce, and it doesn’t get much more local than your backyard. Fruits and vegetables also add color to your home, creating a dramatically brighter atmosphere for your home.

Get creative with your edible landscapes. Instead of rows, consider planting your vegetable garden on a curve. It’s a simple touch, but it will liven up your entire landscape considerably.

Small Water

Water fountains and other fixtures add a sense of movement to your landscape while also camouflaging traffic, lawnmowers, and other common city noises. However, large water structures are hard to maintain, and unless you really like large ponds, it’s a good idea to rethink any water features in your landscape.

This year, smaller water fixtures are becoming the craze. People are leaning more towards cut pieces of stone, boulders, or urns with water trickling out of the top. They’re still beautiful but won’t take nearly as much maintenance as a full fountain or pond.

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